The answer is there is no, one best cloth diaper.  There is a cloth diaper that best suits your family and baby’s needs.  We suggest trying a couple in a few different brands to see firsthand what you like and what works best for you!  Sometimes your best cloth diaper will change as your babies grow and change!  Southern Fluff Love currently offers all-in-ones pocket diapers, covers, and flats in multiple brands.

Please see our infographic on our Community page where we have detailed explanations of each type of cloth diaper.

We have an active coupon in the Big Book of Cloth Diaper Savings.

We do ship international orders via USPS.

We have a Southern Fluff Love Mentor Program.  Our mentors are meant to be current customers who want to be more involved in the Southern Fluff Love community.  We don’t want to just sell our products; we want you to have all the support you need available to you.  A mentor is not just someone to push a rep code, we want individuals who are ready to help others along their cloth diaper highs and lows.  We will post across our social media platforms and email communications when we open new mentor searches.  Currently our mentor program is on hiatus.

All collaboration, affiliate or art requests can email us:  support@southernflufflove.com

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