Southern Fluff Love – Pumpkin Orange Extended Cover


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Our Southern Fluff Love Extended Size Cover is a budget friendly way to cloth diaper your child.  The cover can be reused before wash day as long as it is not soiled!  Wipe it down with a wet wipe and place a new insert and you are able to use it again.

Find everything you love about our One Size Cover with even more room to grow!  Perfect for those toddlers not quite ready to fully potty train or children with special needs who will spend longer in diapers.

Our ES Cover features: 

Tummy panel to help prevent those front leaks. 

Stretchy Polyurethane Laminate-Helps customize the fit across your baby’s waist for the ultimate comfort. 

Crossover Hip Snaps- Helps with the smaller fit of the diaper and can be used to close your diaper once it’s dirty.   

4 Rise settings- Customize the fit of your diaper to grow with your baby.    

Prints designed by independent artists!  Designs that are truly exclusive.  

Recommended fit for our ES cover is from 10-55 lbs, fit range may vary depending on your baby.   

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × .5 in


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