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DIY solutions to cut down cloth diaper costs

Here are a few low cost- no cost hacks to help stretch your dollars!

The Sun- Are there stains on your cloth diapers and inserts? Set them outside in the sun while they are damp to remove most stains!

Fleece Blankets- Wal-Mart, Dollar General and Target are a few places I can name off the top of my head that have fleece blankets. They usually run about $5 and you can average about 35-40 liners per blanket! Liners help make diaper clean up easier!

Trash Can- You can go to any store like Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar General or even the Dollar Tree. Grab a small plastic trash can and cut out the bottom. Grab a set of 2-4 chip clips and you have a home made spray shield with clips to hold the diaper in place!

Detachable Shower Head and 5 Gallon Bucket (Like the blue one from Lowes)- Instead of buying a diaper sprayer to attach to your toilet use your detachable shower head! Spray your diapers off into the 5 Gallon bucket and then dump into the toilet! Pair this with your homemade spray shield and you have the perfect system to clean those diapers before putting them in your wet bag or diaper pail!

Baby Washcloths- The Dollar Tree and Dollar General have great options for baby washcloths! Use these as cloth wipes, pair with a small spray bottle (also available at the Dollar Tree) filled with water and you have reusable wet wipes!

Receiving Blankets, Flannel Blankets, Flour Sack Towels- These make GREAT inserts. Before I switched my insert stash to natural fibers I would wrap my microfiber inserts in a receiving blanket or flour sack towel. You can also cut these up to make cloth wipes as well!

Pencil Pouch- You can find these at The Dollar Store, Wal-Mart or Target. Many of us still have these laying around the house too! They make great diaper bag organizers for those small things such as wipe spray, dry wipes and rash creams!

Clip and Drip Hanger- Grab a few of these to air dry your diapers and inserts in your bathroom. Easy to hang up and take down.

These are just a few DIY solutions to get you started! We’ll continue to add more over time and release videos in the future with step by step directions for some of these hacks!

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