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Over Two Years of Southern Fluff Love!!

It has been insanely busy around here and we completely skipped over our 2 year anniversary!

We have been blessed beyond words to be a part of the cloth community and today we reflect on the changes and growth our company has seen in the last two years.

Southern Fluff Love LLC grew from a small spark.  This small spark was a mothers frustration with scoring sets on Amazon while trying to build her new cloth stash.  Luckily, I have a sister (and family) who were supportive of my new cloth adventure.  Once explaining to her my frustrations the idea to become retailers for Mama Koala emerged.  We both have experience managing in retail settings as well as running small businesses before.  Our first goal was to stock cloth diapers at our local fabric store, Beyond Fabric! We placed our first retail order and when they came in we couldn’t wait to get them to our retail location!

After getting our spaces in Beyond Fabric set up we slowly started branching out into online sales.  I remember seeing other families echoing the same frustrations I had, so when I saw someone who was searching for a specific diaper I would message them to let them know we had it available and we would ship to them.  From this our online presence grew and a Facebook page was created.

Sometime later MK offered us the first preorder.  It was a crazy whirlwind, we literally had 24 hours to send them ANY prints we wanted them to produce.  So we took a crazy leap of trust, opened our Facebook group, took suggestions for highly sought after prints and submitted our order to MK.  We went crazy with the order but it still didn’t feel like enough, we wanted to buy all the diapers to get our customers their DISO’s but as we know enough is never enough lol!

When we started Southern Fluff Love we wanted to be more than just a retailer, it was important we make cloth more readily available  at our local level, bringing quality items at an affordable price point was something we thought would help build and support growth locally.  Branching out further online it was also important that we develop a community of support, advocacy, celebration, knowledge and kindness.  When I was new to the cloth world it was so overwhelming and I was often taken back by how negative some of the groups and people online could be.  We wanted to change that, maybe our little corner of the cloth world could help bring some positive energy and help other families feel supported just a little more.  Part of our outreach locally involved many events such as the Great Cloth Diaper Change and booths at various children’s consignment events!

Honesty and transparency, we’ve always operated this way and I’m happy to see so many groups follow suit.  I am not the all knowing cloth diaper goddess but I will do my best to utilize the resources, knowledge and cloth friends I have to help you in any way with your journey.  This was how we wanted the atmosphere of our group to flow.  I’m happy to say that two years later I feel like we’ve met this goal and I hope to see continued growth blossom.  We couldn’t do it without our cloth families that have been with us to help us grow and evolve!

Slow and steady growth is what we aim for.  We are here for the long run and won’t rush to follow trends, rather we head those trends in the community and continue to bring consistency and trust to the cloth world.  We brought custom art to our MK exclusives, we saw diversity lacking in many ways and wanted to represent as many families as possible.  At the same time we introduced custom art we had our own line of diapers in the works!  We spent over a year researching, testing, editing and waiting for production to bring you our line of diapers.  We didn’t want to announce our line until we had our items ready to ship to you all, this was probably the hardest and scariest secret I’ve kept lol!!  And low and behold the universe then threw the beginnings of a world wide pandemic in the mix!  Our reveal was delayed by several months, fortunately the universe once again has shown us how things work out when they should and now we await our second batch of custom diapers full of custom art exclusive to our brand!

We are forever growing, changing, evolving and bettering ourselves not only as a company but as individuals.  Our growth has not always been smoothest but we continue to meet any challenges we face with ways to overcome and grow from them.  We’ve come a long way from our tiny corner in Beyond Fabric and we look forward to serving the cloth community for many more years.  One day we hope our children will head this company and continue on with our family business.  Remi may pack boxes versus sitting in them, Caitlin will host more fun raffles and giveaways and Otis will bring new product ideas to the table!

So thank you, whether you have been with us from the start or you are just finding us now or are somewhere in between.  Without you this family business couldn’t grow and we are forever thankful for your trust, support and encouragement!

To kick off our anniversary sale leave us a comment below!  At the end of the week we’ll randomly pick a winner from the comment section!


Our MK 6 packs are still available for $48.99, more singles will go on sale as well!

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Free shipping when you have $25 worth of Kangacare/ Rumparooz diapers or Lil learnerz training pants/ swim diapers in your order! Code: Freeshipkanga

Keep an eye out for a new clearance section coming soon!

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