About Us

Southern Fluff Love is a small family business based out of South Carolina, owned and operated by Crystal, husband Shane and two sons who are out of diapers (so we can tell you from experience, you WILL get through this stage!). Our family and team members are dedicated to bringing you quality products at affordable prices.

Why choose Southern Fluff Love...

We were the first company to do full custom artwork with Southern Fluff Love branded products, and will continue to do so, while supporting local artists.
Our products are meticulously researched, planned and put through rigorous quality control to ensure the best for you and your family.
We’ve been in your shoes. Having lived through the cloth diapering journey, asked all the questions and labored through the answers, we want you to benefit and have an easier experience from what we’ve learned.
We strive to foster community and want to create a positive, informative and inclusive environment.
Truly inspired by you. We listen to the community to create products that are innovative and helpful, while always striving for excellence

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