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Emily standing with husband Josh and holding son Ezra.

Emily Adams Artist Spotlight

Although I am not an artist, I have a great appreciation and love of art of all mediums.  This appreciation is part of what brought exclusive art to our brand.  Not only do we enjoy having truly unique and exclusive prints to call our own, we enjoy working with artists to bring these ideas to life!   

The last four years we’ve worked with many talented individuals.  One in particular has been a constant creator in our business, she has become more than just an artist to us; she is a fellow cloth mom, friend and awesome human being!   

Emily Adams is the talented artist behind a majority of our prints. She studied at Columbus College of Art and Design and currently resides in West Virginia with her husband and her 4-year-old son!  Some of the prints Emily has created for us include: A Water Princess, A Silent Princess, Magical Delivery, Element Benders, The Great Dreamer, Cryptids, Galaxy Dreams and many more!  Every time I have brought an idea to Emily, I’ve known that the outcome would bring a smile to my face.  From the first project it felt like things clicked and that we were on the same creative wavelength.  When an artist is truly enjoying and interested in a project it shows.  This is why I know every print she puts out will wow us all over again.  Emily loves what she does and she’s great at it.  If you have never taken the time to look at the fine details in our prints, I recommend you do so!  The attention to even the smallest details is something that brings our art to another level that I am quite proud of!

I just want to say thank you Emily.  You put your heart into your work just as I do with mine and that means a lot to this small business owner.  The past four years have been so fun, I can’t wait for what we will see you create in the future! 

I put together the following questions to help you get to know a little about Emily!

Where are you from and at what age did you start creating art?

I am from NE, Ohio and currently living in WV. Not sure what age, I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

In no particular order: Pixar, Tom Moore/Cartoon Saloon, Hayao Miyazaki, Vincent Van Gogh, J.C. Leyendecker, Geneva Bowers/GDBee, Sibylline Meynet, my parents, husband, my kiddo and probably so many others that I can’t think of at the moment.

When is your favorite time of day to create?

Night time

What inspires you?

My kiddo. Family and fantasy themes. The Hobbit/LOTR, Zelda, Avatar, Ghibli.

What has been your favorite print to create for SFL?

Anime foods and upcoming designs (🤫)

What has been the most challenging print to create?

I redrew the avatar print several times before I was happy with the sketches, and the silent princess print took a while since it was different from how I usually work.

What do you wish people knew about art and being an artist?

I think many people are more artistic than they give themselves credit. It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, it’s inspiring, it’s challenging, it’s engaging, and there’s so many different things to do! It’s also everywhere! That being said, it is a lot of work and time consuming. I would not be where I’m at skill level wise, if it were not for SFL. It’s not that I was bad before, but my pieces were a lot less polished and SFL has given me a ton of drive and push to grow as an artist. If any of you, or your children, or someone you know are interested in art: I highly encourage you to look at the vast amounts of online resources for creating art. I did go to an art school, and I’m lucky and grateful for it, but alternatives have really taken off since I’ve graduated and many of those resources are free!

To find out even more about Emily and all the ways you can support her art visit her website or visit her at one of the conventions she’ll be attending this year!    

Emily Adams Illustration 

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