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Southern Fluff Love One Size Insert Infographic

Southern Fluff Love Inserts Restock

Let’s talk inserts!! 

We’ve had plenty of new items arrive over the past couple of months and I’m happy to announce that we have a restocking of our most popular product, our 5-layer bamboo terry inserts!  These inserts look a little different since they now have our new logo but they also have a black trim to help make it easier to tell the difference between our different insert options. 

Our 5-layer bamboo terry inserts are great natural fiber inserts that work well for daily use and overnight!  They are malleable and soft to provide comfort if you decide to lay them directly on the pocket or in a cover.   

Officially, we now offer the 5-layer bamboo terry inserts in our original one size and extended size. 

To add to our great insert line up we now offer the 5-layer bamboo-cotton/hemp-cotton insert in the extended size we recently launched and now it has arrived our one size length!  The outer layers of this insert are bamboo-cotton while the middle three layers are hemp-cotton.  This is a great daily insert or overnight option!  We combined two great fabric options to make one effective insert for your heavy wetter needs! 

This round of inserts did come a little different than we ordered. The manufacturer made them wider than our design specifications but that does not affect the fit of the insert in our one size diapers.  There is also an inner stitching that we usually leave off of our bamboo terry.  Neither of these will affect the performance of the insert, they are just visually inconsistent with our usual specifications. 

Find all our inserts here:

Infographic-Extended Inserts Available Now
Southern Fluff Love Extended Insert Infographic

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