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Southern Fluff Love – Inspired by you.

The word ‘Linear’ is not how I would ever describe my cloth diapering journey. My husband was cloth-diapered as a baby and suggested we explore using cloth diapers as a way to help save money. After researching for months, we decided that not only would it be beneficial for us financially, it would also help the environment and be a kinder option for our baby. Our kids are normally sensitive to disposable diapers and other harsh over-the-counter baby products, so it made sense that this was the route we take. Fast forward four years and I am now running our Cloth Diaper business while raising our two boys.

Initially, our vision was to start a business that brought more options to the Cloth Community, making quality cloth diapers accessible, and so affordable that they would be a realistic choice for many families and for our own children. 

Well, as time passed, our vision and our company have taken on a life of its own! We’re not satisfied with simply being a cloth diaper retailer! We aspire to be a resource and comfort zone in a Cloth Community where there are no stupid questions or silly ideas. 

You could never fit me nor my family into any one mold, our business reflects that as well. Early on, as we got more comfortable using cloth diapers, we were disappointed that we weren’t able to find patterns that excited us.

For too many years we’ve seen the same themes and recycled images on baby products, and I never saw a diaper that made me feel represented as an Asian American breastfeeding mother, who happened to have tattoos to boot. Every design I saw on cloth diaper products was non-inclusive and I just couldn’t relate. I knew I couldn’t be the only person who identifies as a mother who felt this way. 

Our ideas aren’t mainstream and we’ve even managed to set a few trends along the way. So far we offer 63 custom art collaborations with artists, and 7 of them are our new prints that we are excited to launch with.

Inclusion is something everyone deserves and we hope this print helps shed light on that fact.

As we grow, we are learning that not only can we bring amazing artwork to our cloth diaper community that was lacking representation, but we are able to support artists who are small business owners as well.

Getting to this point has not been easy. The truth of it is the internet can be an intimidating space to start your business. One can easily become discouraged by the responses of others and their inability to humanize those on the other side of the screen. Sometimes the very community you go to for help and research would be the community that may drive you away from your goals.

Thankfully we’re realizing our vision, and have been planning and preparing for the future of this company, and for the families and small business community we wish to serve. 

We hope that you stay and make some friends along the way.

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