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Crystal holding youngest son Remi
Crystal holding youngest son Remi

Same community. New look, features and products.

For over a year we have been working on new products, a website and branding. Our team is happy to finally show you all of the hard work that you have inspired! Over the next few weeks we will really be digging into all that is new and improved but I’d like to start off by reintroducing myself. I’m Crystal Surfield and I am the Owner and CEO of Southern Fluff Love. Our new logo means a lot to me as it is inspired by my Filipino heritage. The rising sun in the background is inspired by the sun on the Philippine’s National Flag. While the magnolia, one of my favorite flowers, ties in our Southern roots since I was raised across Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Southern hospitality is as ingrained in me as Filipino hospitality.  Both of which are ever present in my quest to help as many people as possible while I am able to.

Seven new prints are available for purchase in our One Size Pocket Diapers with either Bamboo or AWJ lining, pods and wet bags.  

To add to the excitement we are excited to launch TWELVE new products: 

  • Extended Pocket Diapers in Bamboo and AWJ lining, 
  • Covers
  • Extended Covers 
  • Pouches 
  • Hanging Wet Bags 
  • Small Single Layer Bamboo Terry Flats
  • Large Single Layer Bamboo Terry Flats
  • Small Double Layer Bamboo Terry Flats
  • Large Double Layer Bamboo Terry Flats
  • Extended Bamboo Terry Inserts 
  • Extended Bamboo/Cotton-Hemp/Cotton Inserts.

We have a lot to share about all our new products so stay tuned!!

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