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Cloth Diaper Banks

Although cloth diapers can save you money in the long run, the initial cost of starting a cloth diaper stash can be intimidating and financially straining for some. Thanks to cloth diaper banks, getting started with cloth diapers can still be achievable for many families.

Cloth diaper banks are organizations that provide free cloth diapers,(as a loaner program or sometimes to keep) to low income families. These organizations are vital to helping families suffering from “diaper need” because there are no public service programs that help with the cost of diapers.

“Diaper need” is an ongoing financial strain that can lead to health issues for the families experiencing it. In their effort to make a pack of disposable diapers last longer some may wait longer between diaper changes or scrape out solids and dry used disposable diapers to reuse. These efforts can ultimately lead to UTI’s, frequent rashes and open wounds with serious side effects.

A few organizations that help provide cloth diapers to families needing assistance are:

The Cloth Option – US

Cloth for Every Bum – US

Share the Love – US

Jake’s Diapers– US

One Diaper Canada– Canada

Cloth for a Cause – Canada

Babies in Cloth – Canada

The Cloth Diaper Bank – Canada

This is a list to help point you in the right direction if you are experiencing diaper need. There are many organizations that I may not have listed here but are available!

There are a lot of negative and false stigmas surrounding cloth diapers. A lot of these have developed from smear campaigns from disposable diaper companies and from the lack of education and awareness of how different modern cloth diapers are.
The truth is, used cloth diapers are a perfectly safe and easy option for your diapering needs. Cloth diapers can be cleaned and sanitized to be prepared for the next family who needs them! They are also much easier to use when you get past your doubts and fears. My continued hope for my company is to help be a resource for any family that has an interest in cloth diapers. Whether you purchase from me or not, I want to see you and your family thrive and succeed.

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