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New Product Coming Soon!

One big thing we pride ourselves on here at SFL is the time and research we take to develop new products!  When we launched our OS pocket diapers in 2020 it had been after a YEAR of product testing and development!  We believe that once we launch a product it shouldn’t require multiple revisions!  We collaborate with other cloth parents to research what features are needed and sought after.  After launching our pockets we knew we were on to something and seeing other companies follow with some of our key features confirmed we had the right idea!

I’m happy to announce that we have been in the product testing and research phase for OS covers and flats!  We are always listening and reading your feedback and requests and try to develop products to meet your needs!  It is a slow process but we do it this way because the last thing we want is to revise a product multiple times post launch, product development should be on the businesses dime not the customers!

So stay tuned SFL family!!  We have a lot of input on this one and can’t wait to bring you the first batch!

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